Marketing, technology & risk

17 Oct 2003|Added Value

I’m currently working on a small marketing tool to encourage more web visitors to investigate our innovation capabilities. It’s not a big project, and normally would be considered a fun experiment.

When I say “normally” I mean before I was fully awakened to the seriously viral nature of the Internet. For years we and others have been espousing this vehicle for creating buzz – nothing new there. Now that I’m blogging, and more tuned into the undercurrent of conversation, do I recognize the greater potential and risk.

Three or 4 years ago, I might have played around more and experimented with different marketing techniques or messages on our website. Today I’m not nearly as cavalier. I spend much more time considering the possible reactions and feedback, testing and perfecting. Not to say that I’m completely risk averse, or that everything is perfect (please). But I’m much more careful, and perhaps a bit less playful. If my experience so far with blogging has shown any downside, this might be it.

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