Media giant embraces the digital age of media content, or this year's Betamax?

23 Oct 2003|Added Value

Interesting to hear about the Sony collaboration with Intel (Intel Corporation and Sony Music Entertainment work together to enable users to access Sony content on Intel-based cell phones and PDAs).

The idea that the two of them seem to be embracing the benefits of the new age of digital media is laudable (vs. suing your best customers a la the RIAA). If, however, the idea involves limiting consumers to Sony content offerings, then it gets problematic (people look for Destiny’s Child or Simon & Garfunkel music, not Sony music. Besides, as I understand it, Sony has limited control over getting their affiliated labels to participate fully in things like this anyway). So I go looking for Eminem and come up empty–how does one explain that away (at least in terms that consumers care about)? It’s also notable that Sony’s tried this before with little lasting results.

It’s a step in the right direction I suppose–at least they’re not suing 12-year old girls…

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