SONG Groups

26 Mar 2004|Davis Masten

On my way to Manhattan from JFK, pried into the backseat of a cab that inched its way through the traffic jam I heard enthusiastic reports about an aspect of the SONG experience that I did not encounter. Its worthy of note in that it is a new way to experience flying.

Me, I get on an airplane and on go the BOSE headphones plugged into my iPod. Out comes my Vaio and I work. My two bookends in the taxi backseat of the cab however played online music trivia on the flight. Unbeknownst to me, the trivia game is multiplayer. There were over 20 people connected and interacting on this flight.

The connection between these players was completely different than my isolated musical experience. Not only did they compete, but it distracted them in an energizing way. One of my associates said that he really “would have liked to have bought that guy in 22f a drink. He was really good!” When did you ever want to buy a drink for a total stranger in another row?

This part of the SONG seems to be playing well.

I wonder where this will eventually go? Any ideas?

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