09 Mar 2005|Davis Masten

My wife, Christopher and I have been going to TED since TED 3. When we were TED Virgins, our world was rocked! New worlds were revealed. More recently, we have been energized into taking action. For instance, Christopher came back from TED a couple of years ago and started blogging. It was very edgy and the NY Times covered her in an article “CEOs that blog”.

This year, as usual, I met some wonderful people and saw lots of old friends. While I loved learning more about Biomimicry; drumming under the full moon on the beach in a drumming circle led by Mickey Hart; running in the Nike 5k; being inspired by Bono to make the world a better place; chatting with Dr. James Watson about his latest work at Cold Springs Harbor and other such notable experiences, the thing that shows up in my everyday life the most is how I tie my shoes.

TED gave a chance for members of the audience to have 3 minutes to share something with their fellow TEDsters. One of these brave souls got up and told us how most of us tie our shoes incorrectly. With all due respect to my dearly departed parents, they taught me to loop to the right and circle the knot on the left. What I am now teaching my 11 year old is to loop on the left and cross over on the right.

You never know from TED what will stay with you.

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