It’s just a survey…

06 Apr 2005|Davis Masten

I just finished a customer satisfaction call from SBC about a service we activated recently at home. Five minutes into the call about how our home was wired/wireless (much of which was with SBC already and they could have just looked), I asked what the benefit was to me that I give them all of this information.

She said “It’s just a survey!” As if this innocuous technique gave them the rights to my personal behavior. She later went onto say it would help them sell us bundles of services in the future. Let’s see, I give them my information so they can make my relationship more meaningful. Nice idea in theory but would they be able to do this in reality?

My primary experience of SBC is one of sales calls three days a week mostly on things that we have already signed up for or for things we have rejected. They are proof positive that their right hand does not know what their left hand is doing. I gracefully got off the call early because I do not trust SBC to be able to get their act together and actually act in my best interest. Customer satisfaction is more than just a survey.

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