Our Concierge

26 Apr 2005|Darrel Rhea

Cheskin is full of great people who are committed to performing with excellence in their job, but one stellar example is Terri Gubi. Terri understands intuitively what the Cheskin experience should be and has expanded her role to be instrumental in delivering it. Almost everyone in Cheskin’s community interacts with Terri daily; she’s a central touch point for all of our clients and our internal teams.

Terri asked that her title be changed from “Receptionist” to “Concierge” because she defines her role to be about serving us. When you call or visit, Terri is the competent, compassionate human being ready to help you do what is needed. She runs a tight ship, keeping track of approximately 85 people on a day to day basis, but always has smiles and friendly words.

If there’s a world event that puts one of our travelers in danger, Terri is the one who arrives at work already knowing where that person is, if they’re safe, and who in their family needs to be contacted. Clients? Terri knows all of them. Projects? She knows about most of them too. Need a restaurant in the area? Terri’s got your reservations. Birthdays? Babies? Illness? Terri’s on it.

Every now and then, companies are given a gift in the form of an ’employee’ who gives their heart, soul and brain to the company. Our gift is Terri Gubi, Concierge.

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