Beyond Research

07 Jun 2005|Added Value

I just ran across the new Inside Market Research blog by Gregory Kohs. I’m flattered he listed us on his site (thanks Gregory!). I’ll be curious to see how his site evolves given that he’s cut a wide swath from survey research to consulting, where Cheskin characterizes itself (though certainly grounded in customer experience).

While public opinion surveys and their results are quite fun (my guess for the missing cat names are Tiger and Shadow… am I close??), my interest lies in the insights within the results. What do these names really say about cat lovers?

And even more importantly, what can we do with that insight that might improve the experience of cat lovers (or perhaps their pets)?

Some look down on market research as just a means to peddle more stuff. OK, that’s true to a point, but that’s not what really matters. And it’s not why I admire the profession and the evolution it’s taking. As we strive to understand what makes us tick, what makes us love the things we do, that knowledge empowers us. It will become less about marketers vs consumers and more about all of us improving our quality of life and the experience of those who will come after us. Just as Gregory points out, the advantage we have is that “…we’re exposed (through our clients) to many different industries, many different problem sets, and many different solutions or remedies to those problems.” How cool is that?!

I admire Gregory for starting up his blog and I can’t wait to see how it grows.

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