The art of Brand Feeling

16 Sep 2007|Added Value

Published in: Markenartikel 9/2007
Authors: Dr. Hildegard Keller-Kern, Christoph Prox

Let us assume you just had a stressful week. Its Saturday morning and you arranged to go jogging with a few friends to wind down. A bit of exercise wont hurt anyone. Before the mini marathon, a bowl of Müsli – from Kellog’s or Oetker? And a cup of coffee – from Tchibo or Jacobs? Now my jogging shoes – from Adidas or Puma? Oh, you are a few minutes late, a quick call with the chic mobile from Nokia or from Motorola? With a mobile contract from T-Mobile or from Vodafone? The jogging pace is moderate, they are discussing about cars again: who is better, BMW, Audi or Mercedes? After jogging a bit of a chit chat and buy a coke at the corner shop: from Coca Cola or from Pepsi? How do people make decisions and how do they choose certain brands?
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