Breathe, clear the mind, relax

27 Feb 2009|Caroline van der Pool

Every January 1st many people try to adopt a new fitness routine in order to fulfill their New Year’s resolution, and for those first couple of weeks it’s definitely harder to find an open treadmill, a spot for your mat in a yoga class and parking at your local gym. If you exercise consistently during the year, you know that fitness enthusiasm usually fades and everything returns to normal. This year something different seems to be happening, especially in the yoga world.

I teach yoga and when the economic turmoil began to hit I was worried what it do to yoga studios. While a studio owner can make a decent living, many are barely making it and a small dip in student attendance could easily mean the end for that studio. Yoga studios do not benefit from memberships as gyms do. They depend on students coming back and paying for a class. Classes are not cheap and if someone is looking to decrease their expenses, this could easily be the first thing to go. But in this economy, with all the stress that everyone is facing, people need an outlet and they are turning to yoga.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a surge in class participation that has sustained itself beyond the New Year’s resolution phase. I have heard that other studios are also doing really well, even adding more classes to their schedule. CNN even wrote about people turning to yoga for stress relief. While I love yoga and know what wonderful things it can do for you, I don’t think people are only turning to yoga to relieve stress. Anything that gets you moving will make you feel better. Makes me wonder if during these turbulent financial times, are people starting to see more value in their gym memberships or yoga classes? Will we see a permanent shift towards bettering ourselves through exercise instead of spending money on material goods? It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens when the economy improves.

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