Communication: Semiotic Audit

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We use semiotics to decode your brand’s signals and understand what your brand and its competitors are really saying to consumers.

It’s not just words that have meaning. We are surrounded by signs and symbols that are constantly ‘communicating’ with us. We all know that a red light means stop, it’s obvious isn’t it? But there is nothing inherent about a red light that makes it more able to mean ‘stop’ than a purple light, or a blue light for that matter. We know the red light means stop because that is what we have learnt, it’s what culture has taught us.

As consumers we are constantly and unconsciously de-coding the meaning of the signs and symbols we see around us. Semiotics is the science that aims to understand this process: how, why, and when is a certain meaning produced?

We apply semiotics to brand thinking in order to understand what your brand is saying to its consumers. The applications of semiotics are diverse: from de-constructing a pack design or logo to analysing why a certain brand campaign works and why another doesn’t. We can even use semiotics to look at all the advertising across your category to decode and map the different positioning territories being used by your brand and its competitors.

A semiotic audit can provide vital insight whether you are re-designing your pack, re-briefing your communications or simply interested in understanding exactly what you, and your competitors actually are communicating to consumers.

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