Market: Consumer Inspiration

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We take the questions your customer could never answer and ask ourselves: what could?

Henry Ford was right about his customers and their fantasy, faster horses. There is no point in asking customers questions about a future they can’t imagine. So we don’t. We try and look at the question from a different angle.

Studying what people actually do, for example. Ever watched a guy in jeans reaching for his wallet? We did. Lots. You’d be amazed what it taught us about where pockets should actually sit.

Sometimes we deprive people of their favourite things. It only takes a week on the wagon to remind a beer drinker what they love most about lager.

And then there are 3,000 ‘Tomorrow People’. The ones who discover the future before most of us have left the past. We have built a global, continuously updated panel of ‘Tomorrow People’ we can call upon for safaris, workshops and creative books.

We find conflict can be useful too. Many a truth said in anger. Pitch a radical vegetarian against an inveterate carnivore. There will be blood, tears and insight in abundance.

To say nothing of mind mapping, storytelling, NLP…

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