Nature Sucks

19 Nov 2013|Cultural Insight Team

We  recently  wrote about our discomfort at the recent surge in gender specific marketing, particularly at children. Only toy retailing giant Toys ‘R’ Us, with its pledge to end the practice, was keeping our pecker up.

Sadly a recent discovery is threatening to douse our faintly burning flame of hope. An ad running in the US features a prank where a bus full of primary school kids is told they’re going on a field trip to the forest, they are then diverted to a Toys ‘R’ Us, an announcement welcomed with shrieks and cheers.

It may be that boys are no longer being shoehorned towards toy cars, and girls to dolls, but all are being sold the message: nature sucks, consumerism is great, go buy something.

Image source: Huffington Post

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