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Added Value Edits: Navigating the New Social Landscape

03 Aug 2016 | jhall

Read the July edition of Edits on the new social media landscape.

Chatbots And The Future of Conversation Between Brands and Customers

27 Jul 2016 | Andrea Hackett

A POV article on how brands could use new chatbot technology to interact with consumers.

5 Ways to Win With Social Media Strategy

27 Jul 2016 | Added Value

5 strategic tips to help you engage with your consumers via social media.

Top 5: Luxury Brands Leading in Digital

20 Oct 2015 | parrj

Luxury is no longer just about tradition and heritage; it’s nimble, quick and paving the way for digital innovation and engagement.

Added Value Edits: Gamechangers for Growth

18 Jun 2015 | jhall

Strategies, trends & consumer shifts that are affecting today’s & tomorrow’s search for growth.

Top 5: Driving the Future through Mobilisation

30 Apr 2015 | Claire Smyth

From static to mobilised, we look at 5 brands that have successfully harnessed the mobile channel.

Q&A: The Power of YouTube

15 Apr 2015 | Added Value

As YouTube celebrates its 10th anniversary we take a deeper look into the brand and the impact they have on businesses.

Première Etude de Transition Digitale Présentée aux Microsoft Tech Days 2015

09 Feb 2015 | Added Value

Les Jobs et Compétences Marketing & Communication qui auront la Cote.

Remote Memory

03 Jul 2014 | Nina Rahmatallah

Were you once able to remember phone numbers, but now barely remember your own? Our memories have stopped taking responsibility, by handing it over to mobiles…

Webinar invitation: Mobility Trends

01 Mar 2012 | Added Value

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Eco Innovations - September 2010

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Netnography: mining for insight online

12 Jul 2010 | Added Value

The (digital) free for all

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Power to the People

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Deutsche Bahn case study: control on track

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Internet shopping: the new retail?

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Designing Digital Experiences for Youth

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