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Purpose Driven Brands

27 Nov 2017 | Added Value

Five purpose driven brands picked for the November 2017 issue of Branding For Good.

Closing the strategy to activation gap: using strategic growth frameworks to create advertising audiences

20 Nov 2017 | Added Value

Closing the strategy to activation gap is a goal now within reach.

Getting the X factor. Reaching a generation in turmoil.

27 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Generation X is imploding. What is the implication for brands?

Putting the Culture in Multicultural Marketing

26 May 2017 | Added Value

America is in the midst of seismic changes. What does this mean for the face of tomorrow’s consumer market? Are we witnessing the emergence of a new mass market?

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: Keep pace with constant change to stay relevant to Chinese youth

04 Apr 2017 | Added Value

Panos Dimitropolous culturally analyses the Chinese market for the latest BrandZ report on Chinese brands.

Gender bias on Instagram

27 Mar 2017 | Added Value

We thought visual social media was fertile ground to analyse gender bias.

Podcast: Sensory marketing

03 Feb 2017 | Added Value

Marguerite de Villiers discusses multi-sensory marketing.

SampleCon 2017: The great sample debate

30 Jan 2017 | Added Value

The sample landscape will continue to evolve as disruption becomes the norm

It's what you do that counts

20 Dec 2016 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director UK, talks about building coherent, distinctive and relevant brand behaviour through action and reaction.

Gatorade: Fueling Fast and Future-Focused Brand Insights through Automation

15 Jun 2016 | Added Value

Brand inspiration fast.

Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends

20 Apr 2016 | bakerf

Taking a step back from big data

Top 5 Ways to Win with Character Lab

30 Mar 2016 | tarboxl

Top 5 tips for winning with brand character to ensure consumer appeal and competitor distinctiveness.

Top 5 Ways to Win with Character Lab

30 Mar 2016 | tarboxl

Top 5 tips for winning with brand character to ensure consumer appeal and competitor distinctiveness.

Top 5 Ways to Win with Character Lab

30 Mar 2016 | tarboxl

Top 5 tips for winning with brand character to ensure consumer appeal and competitor distinctiveness.

Top 5 Ways to Win with Character Lab

30 Mar 2016 | tarboxl

Top 5 tips for winning with brand character to ensure consumer appeal and competitor distinctiveness.

Understanding Women: How Diageo learned to speak in 'unisex'

07 Sep 2015 | Added Value

ESOMAR Congress Sept 2015

Pernod Ricard: West Coast Cooler Case Study

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

Using the A.L.I.V.E. process to create a fresh strategic positioning for West Coast Cooler.

Pernod Ricard: Lillet Case Study

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

Lillet was the first brand to undergo the A.L.I.V.E. experience.

Insights that Bring Brands A.L.I.V.E. - Part 2

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

The challenge of generating and leveraging insights the Pernod Ricard way.

Insights that Bring Brands A.L.I.V.E. - Part 1

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

The challenge of generating and leveraging insights the Pernod Ricard way.

Matching Retail Value and Brands

20 Nov 2014 | Erna George

How are retailers engaging with consumers to deliver a great package deal?

The Revival of African Aesthetics

19 Nov 2014 | leshiloth

African aesthetic may be the very next big thing

Clear Up, Clean Up...

05 Nov 2014 | Matt Woodhams

Growth doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to tidy up to find what you’re looking for to start reaping the rewards.

Getting Over Ourselves

10 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Four key tenets to help ensure that we avoid the data trap and tell stories our clients can use.

Does your Brand Have the Smell of Success About It?

05 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Scent is part of a brand’s unique personality

Remote Memory

03 Jul 2014 | Nina Rahmatallah

Were you once able to remember phone numbers, but now barely remember your own? Our memories have stopped taking responsibility, by handing it over to mobiles…

ESOMAR Congress: Insights to Bring Brands ALIVE!

02 Jul 2014 | Added Value

The challenge of generating and leveraging insights the Pernod Ricard way.

How Brands are Scoring

27 Jun 2014 | jhall

Brand owners recognize that the World Cup offers a precious few weeks that have the power to make and break them…

How to win in mobile

26 Jun 2014 | Nina Rahmatallah

We bring you five essential thoughts for building mobile-ready brands.

Does Brazil Matter for Brand Owners?

13 Jun 2014 | jhall

Are we sure Brazil matters for brand owners?

BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands 2014 – who’s on top?

21 May 2014 | Added Value

The Added Value team examines where the value lies in the luxury and beer categories…

Hitting the Target

11 Apr 2014 | Paul Cowper

More than ever before, marketing cannot be manipulation – it has to be seduction.

Making Sense of Emotions: ESOMAR Workshop at “Le Printemps des Etudes”

07 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Sensorial experiences are essential for brands that want to connect more deeply with consumers.

Finding Growth

13 Dec 2013 | Nic Bulois

Traditional segmentation studies just don’t cut the mustard these days.

Can We Uncover Truth Without Connection?

06 Nov 2013 | Added Value

Our responsibility is to uncover the “truth” of consumer experiences.

Making Cross Cultural Qualitative Work in a Connected World

29 Oct 2013 | Added Value

Sandrine McClure will join a panel of marketers at the ESOMAR qualitative conference in Valencia…

Hands on Experience

17 Oct 2013 | Added Value

We’re getting up close and personal with how the sense of touch can foster deeper emotional attachment with brands…

Sounds Like Good Sense

14 Oct 2013 | Added Value

We tune into those opportunities for brands provided by the sense of sound…

Tasty Opportunities

10 Oct 2013 | Added Value

Are marketers, especially of non-food brands, really exploiting all the opportunities that the sense of taste provides?

Does your Brand Have the Smell of Success About It?

07 Oct 2013 | Added Value

In the first of a series of five articles, we put our nose to the ground for some olfactory insight…

Webinar Invitation: Making Sense of Emotions to Build Strong Brands

03 Oct 2013 | Added Value

Mark Whiting will present a webinar for AMSRS on why emotions are a key factor in uniting brands and consumers.

Fair Exchange: South Africa’s Cellular Network Providers are Holding us to Ransom

02 Oct 2013 | Erna George

Why are they getting it wrong?

Customer Engagement, A Must Have In Today's Customer Economy

30 Sep 2013 | Mahta Emrani

Brands need to connect with consumers; mobilizing those who are most influential.

Don’t Discount “Market Research”

13 Sep 2013 | martinrp

The role of market research in a fast-changing consumer world, understanding its value while recognising the need for evolution.

Innovation Inspiration: Terabytes Of Opportunities

11 Sep 2013 | jhall

Mobile and wearable technology, along with the Internet of Things have combined to accelerate the Quantified Self (QS) movement where we track and measure our every move. An explosion of consumer data: terabytes of opportunities to engage.

Press Release: Older People Feel Younger Than Ever

02 Aug 2013 | Added Value

Research shows older people feel younger than ever and that being ‘old’ now happens much later than it used to.

Uncovering Growth

02 Aug 2013 | Nic Bulois

Taking the time to truly understand how people and needs interact will deliver a demand-led growth plan that has more chance to inspire and to succeed.

Colleges As Consumer Marketers

01 Aug 2013 | Added Value

Exploring the role of Colleges as consumer markets in the evolution of higher education.

Fair Exchange: Comparative Advertising - Help Or Hindrance?

01 Jul 2013 | Erna George

How best to approach comparative advertising.

The Unstoppables

25 Jun 2013 | Lee Manning Craik

‘Baby Boomers’, ‘Greys’, ‘Silver Surfers’… Whatever their label, the over fifty audience will soon reach a staggering 2 billion people globally. For the first time it’s the fastest growing demographic, and not one to be ignored.

Fair Exchange: Power In Partnerships

24 Jun 2013 | Erna George

True collaboration happens when both sides value the other’s expertise.

Innovation Inspiration : Marketing To Boomers

24 Jun 2013 | jhall

Many Boomers have a scale of wealth worthy of targeted innovation and capable of transforming industries.

THE BATTLE OF THE BRANDS: Winners and Losers in the Culture Wars

20 Mar 2013 | Added Value

Added Value reveals the cultural vibrancy of 160 brands from across fifteen sectors in its third annual Cultural Traction™ 2013 report.

Enough to Drive us Girls Mad?

06 Mar 2013 | puddickm

Beer brands are falling flat by failing to communicate to women simply because they are branding them pretty and pink.

Webinar Invitation: How to Write Good Concepts for Use in Research

05 Mar 2013 | Marina Cozzika

Great concept writing is all about mastering the art of seduction.

ESOMAR Summer Academy 2013 Workshop : Making Sense of Emotions

14 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Mark Whiting and Sandrine McClure will lead a full day workshop at the ESOMAR Summer Academy 2013, that will summarize the role of each of the five senses in building emotional connections

Insight and Brand Building in Africa

08 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Insights into what makes the consumers in African markets tick.

Ride the Crest of a Trend, be Dumped by a Fad

08 Feb 2013 | Inka Crosswaite

Hitching your brand to a trend can see you riding the wave for a number of years, but aligning with a fad could mean the brand takes a hit when the inevitable fall from favour happens.

Afro-Gangnam Style: Seeking out Real Relevance

01 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Self-expression and the desire to be noticed are not alien to many African cultures.

4 Key Drivers Defining Mobility Trends

11 Dec 2012 | pompei de warrensc

What are the next steps in the evolution of human mobility?

Boom, don’t bust in Brazil

24 Oct 2012 | Added Value

Causal analysis and market research: models, recipes, and robots

16 Oct 2012 | Scott Porter

How to better answer clients’ most central questions.

Up Close & Personal

05 Oct 2012 | Rebecca Harrison

A word with... De Beers Forevermark

05 Oct 2012 | Added Value

Take The Pepsi Challenge

31 May 2012 | broomec

A world-wide Added Value team worked together across markets to support the PepsiCo global team in finding out what people wanted in 28 countries, across thousands of brands which make up 90% of their value sales.

Powerful Character Will Decide the French Presidential Elections

12 Apr 2012 | Added Value

Beyond election candidates’ political agendas, voters tend to support the personality they most think will deliver the leadership they desire.

Biting The Hand That Feeds

02 Apr 2012 | Added Value

Being practical with Business Analysis

13 Feb 2012 | Added Value

Brews who?

31 Jan 2012 | Added Value

China's Sweet Spot

22 Nov 2011 | Added Value

SourceLive: Inspiration for Growth

22 Nov 2011 | Added Value

The 10 Trends Shaping The Future Of South African Brands

09 Nov 2011 | Added Value

10 phrases that South African brand owners should pay attention to as they hold the key to current shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours.

New Research Defines Cultural Openness and its Impact on Marketing Strategy

13 Jan 2011 | Added Value

Edelman Hosts Cheskin Added Value and The Futures Company Panel Discussion on the Influence of Ethnic Identity on Consumer Behavior.

China – Different Mums, Different Roles

13 Oct 2010 | Added Value

In China, the reality of motherhood is markedly differently due to unique social and economic influences.

You Too Can Be Masterful at Analyzing Data (Go Dirty)

15 Sep 2010 | Darrel Rhea

The most exciting moments in research are when we uncover those tiny patterns that reveal useful complexities, like fractals that reveal the integrity of the whole.

What is a business model?

03 Aug 2010 | cfinlay

Netnography: mining for insight online

12 Jul 2010 | Added Value

Added Value On CNBC World News: Archetypes And Brand Identity

03 Jun 2010 | Added Value

Discovering brand identity using archetypes through Added Value’s CharacterLab.

Restoring the currency of the brand

17 May 2010 | Added Value

Re:thinking the new normal

17 May 2010 | Added Value

Politics or Branding – Character wins the vote

30 Apr 2010 | Added Value

In the UK, political leaders are battling to establish their brand characters to win the people’s vote. As the televised debates have shown, this election will not be won on policies alone; it’s the personalities that will help swing it.

Levi's case study: Pure Jeanius

05 Feb 2010 | Added Value

We mainstreamed the burgeoning online social community phenomenon and helped Levi’s® use that space for innovation inspiration.

Market: Consumer Inspiration

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Market: Cultural Inspiration

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Branding for Good News - Issue 22

23 Dec 2009 | Added Value

Trial by jury

03 Dec 2009 | Added Value

Those trends are just so… 2008

03 Dec 2009 | Added Value

Power to the People

03 Dec 2009 | Added Value

Virgin Active Case Study: Life Is More Fun When You Move!

18 Nov 2009 | Added Value

Added Value working for Virgin Active to position their brand in South Africa.

Semiotics at AV-Stratosfera

01 Oct 2009 | Added Value

Design Measurment Metrics

26 Aug 2009 | Darrel Rhea

Shopper Behaviour Changing

08 Mar 2009 | Added Value

Desafiando los presupuestos insuficientes

02 Feb 2009 | Added Value

Branding for Good News Issue 18

18 Jan 2009 | Added Value

The insight edge

23 Sep 2008 | Added Value

Branding for Good News Issue 15

15 Sep 2008 | Added Value

Closer - broader - deeper

27 Mar 2008 | Added Value

Branding for Good News - Issue 10

10 Mar 2008 | Added Value

BfG News Issue 10 - Expert View

10 Mar 2008 | Added Value

Ethical issues move up the consumer agenda

06 Mar 2008 | Added Value

Branding for Good News - Issue 7

07 Dec 2007 | Added Value

Branding for Good: The Paris Event

28 Apr 2007 | Added Value

SA brands: get real

27 Apr 2007 | Added Value

What’s Next in Design Research?

15 Mar 2007 | Darrel Rhea

Ethnography Done Right

14 Feb 2007 | tommy

Engaging Workshops

09 Feb 2007 | Darrel Rhea

Exploring Africa

24 Jan 2007 | Added Value

Nutrition and Healthiness in China

16 Dec 2006 | Added Value

Research Biases During Halloween

31 Oct 2006 | Miguel Winebrenner

Consumers don't want your brands

11 Aug 2006 | Added Value

12 things to know about futures studies

06 Jul 2006 | Lee Shupp

What is a futurist?

05 Jul 2006 | Lee Shupp

Talking to Kids

13 Apr 2006 | Added Value

The Innovation Imperative

30 Mar 2006 | Added Value

It's only a matter of time

07 Aug 2005 | Added Value

Unlocking the DNA of Luxury

01 Aug 2005 | Added Value

Trend spotter: shopping made simple

16 Jul 2005 | Added Value

Are focus groups dead?

11 Jul 2005 | Lee Shupp

Why Anthropology?

23 Jan 2005 | LiAnne Yu

2004 Youth Vote

10 Nov 2004 | Christoper Ireland

Perceptions of Color: Global Market Bias

30 Oct 2004 | Added Value

Q & A

08 Oct 2004 | Darrel Rhea

"Hey Will, I can be a moderator!"

01 Oct 2004 | Added Value

Art and Science

16 Sep 2004 | Christoper Ireland

Sisters are doing it for themselves

09 Aug 2004 | Added Value

Organizing Principles

13 May 2004 | Christoper Ireland

Blog vs Real Life

07 May 2004 | Christoper Ireland

Internet shopping: the new retail?

04 Apr 2004 | Added Value

Releasing the power of segmentation

08 Dec 2003 | Added Value

23 Oct 2003 | Christoper Ireland

Playing with numbers

15 Apr 2003 | Christoper Ireland