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Consumers on Instagram: Through their looking glass

27 Jan 2017 | Added Value

A tangible picture of your brand’s earned equity and the world around it.

Podcast: Sensory marketing

03 Feb 2017 | Added Value

Marguerite de Villiers discusses multi-sensory marketing.

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More than skin deep - How social media is changing the face of the beauty industry

21 Nov 2017 | Added Value

The rise of user-generated content and popularity of social media platforms have transformed the way people talk about beauty.

Halloween is the new Christmas for make-up brands

31 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Make up brands and retailers have embraced Halloween in a big way this year.

4 ways to win with Boomers

30 Oct 2017 | Added Value

We have been intrigued by some of the brands that are speaking to Boomers in interesting and crucially, aspirational ways. 

Getting the X factor. Reaching a generation in turmoil.

27 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Generation X is imploding. What is the implication for brands?


25 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Here are some examples of brands’ latest attempts to connect with Millennials in an authentic way

Welcome to the Age of Multisensory Digital Experiences

26 Sep 2017 | Added Value

The age of multisensory digital experiences has arrived….